Opinion: Saga of Big Brother Naija wins a Ninety million Naira reward, ahead of the Final Prize?


They say love is blind, apart from being foolish. It is also said, that for one to truly fall in love, you have to be a fool to some degree.  However funny, the manifestations of this positions can be seen in our daily affairs.

Percy Sledge sang a classic hit which was titled “when a man loves a woman.” Michael Bolton had his own version of the same song, which has continued to be ageless. The billboard single which chronicled the nature of a man in love, was seen narrating the effects of truly falling for a woman. The lyrical content conveniently conveyed the feelings of a man who is no longer himself. The lyrics said the following:

“When a man loves a woman, can’t keep his mind on nothing else,

He’d trade the world for the good thing he’s found…

If she is playin’ him for a fool, he’s the last one to know.

Lovin’ eyes can never see.

When a man loves a woman,

Spend his very last dime tryin’ to hold on to what he needs…

Turns his back on his best friend, if he puts her down.”

Saga of Big Brother Naija has been seen as a bewitched fellow who follows Nini to everywhere she goes in the house. Nini obviously has not succeeded in taking him off her back, even though she keeps mentioning several times that she was in a relationship before coming to the Big Brother House.

“I have a boyfriend,” has not stopped Saga from professing his feelings for her. He has practicalized it in every way possible, and like the song above, he’ll be the last one to know if she takes him for a fool. Recently, Saga and Nini were given a ‘strike’ for microphone infringement. A strike is like a warning, and sometimes comes with punishments. Getting four strikes sends you out of the competition. Saga got himself in this mess because of the “foolish” aspect of love which makes him find it hard to give her a breathing space.

Followers of the programme keep arguing if it’s genuine love or part of his strategy in winning the coveted Ninety Million Naira. The girl seems to be more important to him than the prize, given his actions.

What if Saga is truly in love? 

If he is, then I think he has already won his Ninety Million in the show – Nini could be his prize.

Written by: Edward Amah

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