Ballon D’or: Messi wins his seventh title?


Will it become obvious that Lionel Messi is the best athlete to have ever played the game of football?

The final decision of the judges at the forthcoming Ballon D’or will decide this.

The Argentine player has been tipped to win this year’s award, ahead of his everlasting rival Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo were once on the same level at the prestigious award, before Messi surpassed him to win his sixth

Should the PSG hitman receive his seventh title this year, the discussions will become a little bit easier for the fans of the La Liga legend, for they’ll obviously use it to haunt the followers of Cristiano Ronaldo (AKA CR7). The followers of the Portuguese and Manchester United hitman, have always been of the opinion that he’s the creator and breaker of records. This is a universally acknowledged fact.

But I don’t think this winning is enough to decide the best amongst them. There are so many contributions of CR7 which Messi may likely not meet up with, before he retires.

In the same manner, the Ballon D’or could be the only major edge, the Argentine has over the Portuguese legend who recently created a record of the highest number of goals ever scored by an individual for a National Team.

“This will end every discussion,” a Messi fan was seen to have been saying online.

“Ronaldo cannot play anything in the current Man.U,” another football enthusiast was seen saying.

Should Messi win this Award, I don’t think it’s enough to declare him the best player on the planet – he still has some gaps to fill, in order to earn that.

Written by: Edward Amah

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