“Obi Cubana’s Wife Is Ugly” – Says Nigerian Ladies


Jealousy is a very terrible thing, and we’ve seen people kill others because of it. It is the major reason some successful people hide their wealth away from the public eyes. Entitled mentality remains the cause of bitterness in certain humans, and this is very bad.

Ebele Iyiegbu – wife to Obi Cubana – has been living a peaceful life, until her husband threw a lavish burial, as respect to his mother. Ever since then, the couples way of living has been the topic on many tongues, in a long while. This has made the couple who lived their quiet life, become an item for public scrutiny.

Recently, this humble woman has been trolled by several ladies with many annoying words. Some say she’s not beautiful enough to be the wife of a billionaire. Some have, in their well-perceived bitterness, cloaked their frustration with words they assume to be needed. This explains why random humans appear from nowhere to occasionally posit that the woman is too local to be a billionaire’s wife.

Entitlement drives some crazy humans into assuming they have the right to state how you should live your life – it must be a life that pleases them. This is why the current post by a random individual, became a major concern.

This individual was of the opinion that Eby doesn’t have the body for some of the attires she puts on. She furthered her lines in what seemed to be derogatory, and it was something of concern.

While others rebuked her, the vultures born by bitterness were there to support her.

For someone who gifted his wife a brand new 2021 Mercedes Benz worth 40million Naira, setting up whatever her wardrobe desires are, shouldn’t be a problem. These jealous ladies understand this and obviously can’t fathom Eby’s disregard for the things they would ordinarily kill for.

The audacity sometimes is appalling.

A woman being hailed by her husband on several occasions should tell you she’s beautiful and wonderful in her husband’s sight.

Even if she decides to always buy extremely expensive clothes, the people accusing her of not being fashionable, are the same humans who will say “she’s too arrogant.”

Contentment is a virtue, and many people lack it. Lagging in it, is the reason most people are quick to jealousy, and this breeds entitlement.

As far as eyes are concerned, the Nigerian ladies beleaguering this woman are extremely bitter humans and need to be avoided at all cost.

Opinion by: Edward Amah

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