You Hailed Ned For Marrying Regina & Want To Shame Maria For Dating Kelvin?

Una hailed Ned for marrying Regina, and want to shame Maria for dating Kelvin, una no well, confused generation!!
Say’s social media commentator, Oge Nsimah who reacted to the drama between Cubana Chiefprist, his sister and BBNaija reality star, Maria Benjamin. Oge Nsimah who is well popular for her public opinions wrote and said.
“Y’all acting like you don’t know marriage starts from dating
Men like Chief Priest get angry each time another man is doing to their sister, what they are doing to other people’s sisters…
I like that feeling….Its very difficult to see your life playing out in another person life!
How on earth will you say Maria stole your sister husband, is your sister husband an object to be stolen by Maria?
Same people that preached and scream on social media that men are polygamous in nature, Men must be men, are often the ones that will be so and drag ladies when a polygamous man is possessing his inheritances…..Do you want him to do it with a man?
Kelvin must be a man, and he must be a man with a woman.
Instead of you focusing on the man that owes his family loyalty, love and respect, you focused on Maria…,
Maria owes your sister and family nothing, stop dragging her, face your inlaw.
Let me say it again.
Until men evaluate their ways, the life of women will never get better
He even ask wives to stay woke, that young ladies are after their husbands like husbands are stray and its a tournament for wives😄. I guess his wife must have won so many medals from fighting single ladies to remain married to him..
When its not your sister receiving it, you carelessly say man must be man, women should understand men are polygamy, can never be different because its your sister turn, breakfast na turn by turn e go reach every roof
whatsoever you did to another person child, you will receive it in hundred folds..
A society that approves polygamy should never have issue when married people sleeps with single..We must define what we want as people. There is repercussions for every decision and choice.
Oge Nsima went on to add;
“If a lady can call your husband without fear in the name of “the other woman” towards midnight Trust me,
your husband has declared himself single to the lady.
He either told her, you are dead, separated or you don’t exist..
If a lady can call you and threaten you because he is the other woman in your husband life ..
my sister, trust me, something is heavily sponsoring that,
your husband has told her that he is done with you…
He has told her, you are one of his life mistakes he is looking for a way to forget…
These girls are not dumb, their morale and audacity is being sponsored by your husband, men know how to control their women, There are always boundaries when there is a relationship.
Use your brain Women, you both might have been lying too.”
This comes after Cubana Chiefpriest took to social media to call out the season 6 reality star who is currently in Dubai with the married Kelvin. Here is what he posted. Press Play

Wrritten by: Oge Nsimah
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