Davido & Chioma Follows Each Other Again On Instagram After Months Apart!


Davido, and his fiancee and Chioma Rowland Avril, are finally following each other again on Instagram after months apart.

The couple who had known each other for over six years got engaged in 2019 and were preparing to get married in 2020. Sadly their relationship went south, they unfollowed each other on social media and were never seen together for a very long time. Davido didn’t give Chioma a shoutout on her 26th Birthday and neither did Chioma acknowledge Davido’s 27th Birthday in November of 2020.

Earlier this year, Davido was spotted with American model, Mya Yafai, and it further fueled reports that the singer had moved on from the mother of his first son.

There were also reports that Davido fathered another Baby with London based Makeup-artist Larissa London. The ‘Risky’ singer did not debunk nor accept any of the rumours.

Apart from unfollowing each other on social media, the popular couple were not seen hanging out together like old times, any more.

Interestingly, On the Occasion of their son Ifeanyi Adeleke’s 2nd Birthday in October 2021, the couple who threw a party to celebrate his big day were spotted together for the first time after several months.


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Davido and Chioma were also spotted again a day later during a thanksgiving ceremony for what many believed was for their son’s birthday. While a handful thought they could be married.


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Just on November 1st, we noticed that the well-loved couple are back to following each other again on #Instagram.

Another group of people believe their child Ifanyi is bringing them back together.

Have they squashed their beef?
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