Obi Cubana’s Arrest: Is The Government Jealous Of Successful Youths?


One thing is to become a billionaire, and another thing is to have to prove to the Nigerian Authorities, that your wealth isn’t ill-gotten. In a country mostly ruled by men who stole their ways to the top, when an apolitical individual seems to exhibit some traits of adequate financial capability, he becomes a target of the authorities.

After being arrested on the grounds of money laundering and other charges by the EFCC, celebrated businessman and philanthropist, Obinna Iyiegbu (aka Obi Cabana) has been reported released.

According to Vanguard, he had spent about 72 hours in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Abuja.

It was observed that his friend and colleague, Onwumelu Valentine, announced this on his Instagram page.

“Thank u, Jesus!! @obi_cubana is free. We gat Jesus!!! Dis Dance is for all my fans. I love u all,” he wrote in his post.

Sources have it that he was released on administrative bail.

Why is he being prosecuted?

According to a vanguard spokesperson, “a top source explained that although the anti-graft agency plans to prosecute Cubana for sundry economic and financial offences, the trial would not commence any time soon.”

The EFCC had invited him to their head office on Monday to answer questions on numerous issues, and they didn’t specify the issues.

With the events that unfolded before our eyes during the Hushpuppi Saga, it could be that the government is sincerely trying to ascertain the true source of his wealth. I remember when someone said “His clubs cannot be the only source of income.” But I believe his clubs are enough to generate the type of money he is said to have, not to mention the rumoured fact of his being a shareholder in some of the renowned liquor companies in the world.

It could also be that they arrested him for “Abuse of the Naira,” as seen in the way the Nigerian currency was humiliated during his mother’s burial. Yes, it’s been a normal thing to spray and trample upon the Nigerian currency, but if we go by the laws and adverts of CBN, you will understand that it’s wrong. Almost every Nigerian politician is guilty of this crime, but Obi Cubana could be used as a scape goat, seeing that his was very much in everybody’s eyes. 

They could however, allege him of tax fraud, if mistakenly, he falls into the category of CEOs who don’t pay tax in Nigeria – there are lots of them trying to evade tax.

I just hope that those at the hems of government doesn’t make it obvious that apart from suffering the future of its youth, they’re also jealous of the progress of the youths.

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Written by: Edward Amah

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