‘All I Ever Wanted’ A Movie About Single Mothers Struggle Abroad Set To Screen in London! Save The Date!


The movie ‘All I Ever Wanted’ highlights the difficulties and hardship faced by single parents of Black and Ethnic Minorities, and the drive to ensure that their children’s needs are met consistently despite challenges faced.

Produced by Princess Abiye and directed by MC Cypher, this movie is being used to create more awareness and encouragement to families working so hard to ensure that their needs are met, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ movie showcase survival and encouragement to not give up or lose hope.

About The Producer

Princess Abiye was born on the 4th of October 1972 is an actor, presenter, plus-size model and producer, she graduated from the prestigious Middlesex University.

Princess enjoys what has to be one of the unique and uplifting professions. She has many films and content credits to her name. Her first production and debut, ‘’All I Ever Wanted’’ is partly a true story.

Movie Premiere Dates

The movie will be screened in London on the 27th of November 2021 at the Tabernacle, W11 2AY, Time 7 pm to 10.30 pm


Leicester LE2 0DS on the 18th of December, Time 6.30 pm 

Watch The Trailer

Movie Synopsis

A single mother riddled with debt had to find her way in the world through work with her young daughter supporting her on the way to self-discovery and self-worth. She becomes entangled with people that take advantage of her, but it takes an unexpected turn and her luck changes. This story is narrated by the young daughter, looking back at the struggles of her mother and how she overcame adversity to create a better life for herself and her family. This movie is based on partly true events.  

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Princess Abiye – Filmmaker

Q. How did your journey to the movie industry start?

Princess Abiye: I started in 2006 with a TV series called Everyday Life where I played the lead. This was shown on Ben TV tackling everyday life issues. I then went on to feature in more movies in the UK and Nigeria whilst studying theatre and performing arts.

Q. How fulfilled are you as an actress?

Princess Abiye: I personally don’t feel very fulfilled as an actress as the industry in the UK is still growing. Also having a young family leaving them to travel is quite daunting. I have decided to produce myself in the UK and when the time is right for filming abroad

Q. Aside from acting, what else do you do?

Princess Aibye: I am a presenter, a plus-size model and I work with autistic children.

Princess Abiye is also working on her next movie called Trokosi [ Wife of the Gods] Shooting starts in 2022.

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