Davido Teaches Nigerians The Importance Of Giving


It’s no longer news that Afro-Pop star, Davido was slammed with enormous blessings from friends and fans on November 17th. What had started out as a joke, turned into something serious afterwards – something the pop star never saw coming.

He had challenged his friends and fans to send him one million Naira, while stating that he has always been of help to people, and deserves to receive similar favour.

It was observed that within the first 10 minutes of announcing the challenge on his Insta stories, the pop star received N7million. He later went on to state that the goal was to get up to N100million.

“I wan clear my Rolls Royce from port abeg,” he wrote while adding the emoji for ‘laughing with tears.’

In less than 24 hours, he had received over N150million and I knew it would go on to become a challenge for other stars who would want to repeat the same.

The truth remains that it’s going to be hard for other stars to pull that stunt the way he did. The only person that could possibly replicate this, would be the amazing Don Jazzy.

Why did I say this?

Don Jazzy is also a giver. Davido has contributed to the rise of some initially small names in the entertainment industry. He has allowed himself to be featured by upcoming artists who really had no fan base, thereby increasing their visibility. 

He has also given financial assistance to certain strangers online and has financially helped some struggling colleagues in the past.

In little ways and mighty ways, David has proven himself a giver.

It is only natural that the universe conspires to make him a receiver.

Giving when you can, will always be an act that attracts blessings in one way or the other.

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Written by: Edward Amah

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