Pastor Condemns Davido To Hell Fire If He Doesn’t Pay Tithe From The N200m Crowdfunding!


    It’s a sad thing that certain men of God keep disgracing Christendom by making certain decrees that are absurd. When non-believers hear some things from the mouth of supposed believers, they’re strengthened in their resolve to keep mocking Christianity.

    Today, a Calabar-based preacher by the name of Goodheart Val Aloysius, issued a statement that seemed like a condemnation of the Nigerian Afro-Pop singer Davido. According to him, if the singer fails to pay tithe from the money received from the recently-talked-about crowdfunding, he won’t make heaven.

    It’s no longer news that the pop star received N200m from fans and friends after he made a joking post online requesting for money. Seeing that the joke yielded fruit, he added N50m to the generated fund, and this totalled it up to N250m.

    He afterwards made a public statement, stating his desire to donate the funds to orphanage homes across Nigeria.

    It’s sad seeing the pastor of Father’s House Int’l Church, crucify the singer. In his exact words:

    “Brother Davido if you don’t pay tithe from that money given to you by your friends, I’m afraid you won’t make heaven.” 


    People insulted him for making such remark, and it’s even more annoying when unbelievers laugh at “men of God,” because of this.

    God is not a dictator, and the sooner this is understood by certain clergies, the easier it becomes to draw more souls to Christ.

    Davido’s charitable act to orphanages can be seen as paying tithe. He should, in no way be subjected to such emotional blackmail. It is very unfair.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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