Shocking Details Of How Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan Wife Left Him After 10yrs & 3 Children


When young Nollywood actress Regina Daniels got married to her 60 years old billionaire husband Ned Nwoko in 2019 and became his 6th wife, it was safe for many to assume that she would be reduced to yet another number in his polygamous home.

People confidently boasted that she could never last a year or two years max before running for her dear life. Funny enough, the opposite happened, just like in most of her Nollywood movies. The trophy wife became the boss and is currently running things in Ned Nwoko’s empire, living her best life and enjoying a happy married life with her older husband. This resulted in Ned Nwoko Moroccan 5th wife and mother of 3 of his kids, Laila Charani coming out on Instagram on November 2nd to reveal that she has divorced the 62-year-old billionaire.

She said there was nothing else between her and Prince Ned Nwoko, and she had already moved on with her life. Laila, we come to learn, was formerly the last and favourite wife of Ned Nwoko before Regina Daniels came into the picture. Initially, she seemed okay with sharing with her husband. Little did we know that she was unhappy for being swept aside behind closed doors as Regina Daniels, the beauty and brain of our time, became the favourite wife. As you can imagine! Nigerians are not taking the news of the divorce well. Many began to speculate something more may have gone wrong and linked it to the 10 million Naira Kanyamata Gina procured from Kayamata seller, Jaruma early this year. #NedNwoko #ReginaDaniels #NedNwokosMoroccanwife

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