Dele Adeleke Battles Ademola Adeleke Over Osun State Governorship Seat & DAVIDO Calls Him Out


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But in politics, you keep your enemies close and family closer. This saying must have skipped Senator Ademola Adeleke, an aspirant for the Osun State Governorship seat who faces fierce competition from his nephew. After losing the Osun State Gubernatorial election in 2018 to the incumbent governor, Gboyega Oyetola, Senator Ademola Adeleke A.K.A, the dancing senator urged him to start writing his handover notes as he picked up another nomination form to run against him under PDP.

But little did he know that his fiercest competitor isn’t Governor but someone in his household in the person of Dele Adeleke, his nephew. Dele Adeleke, who lost his parents at a young age and was raised by the Dancing Senator alongside Davido’s father, went behind his uncle to procure a nomination form under the same party, PDP and is now challenging his uncle for the party ticket to run. He has also kicked off his campaign, where he prides himself as an intellectual and his uncle, a non-intellectual who forges certificates. As if that is not enough, Dele, in an interview with Channels TV, asserted that he is more competent than his uncle, and even his uncle knows this. To further break the camelback, the finance expert says he has more to offer to the state due to his banking sector experience, indirectly inferring that his uncle, who is known only for dancing, has absolutely nothing to offer the good Osun State people.

As many wonder how many pieces of silver Dele was paid to betray his family, Davido stepped in to save the day, going back on his 2022 motto to make money and ignore. In several tweets, the music superstar who has been campaigning for his uncle slammed Dele for being the Judas of the family, calling him derogatory names in a bid to make him change his mind. But guess what, Dele has refused to back down. Can this division cost the Adeleke Family the Osun State Governorship election? #Davido #DancingSenator #DeleAdeleke #AdelekeFamily #AdemolaAdeleke

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