Who Is Ckay? Is He The New Face of Afrobeats?


Following a viral Tiktok challenge in 2021, ‘Love Nwantiti’, a 2019 Afrobeat song by Ckay became an instant global hit, gaining even more traction on Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat.

From dance to cooking videos, traveling, fashion, makeup, fitness, and everything in-between, Love Nwantiti became the most-searched, and choicest song among social media users in Europe, Latin America, Africa, USA, and the list goes on! The song’s global popularity also birthed six “Love Nwantiti” global remixes, including the North African Remix, Maghreb countries version, French remix, German remix, East Africa Remix, South Africa Remix, and Spanish music. Due to its worldwide growth, the song has also been certified gold in the UK, US, and France consecutively. Most recently, six official versions of the original audio, remixes, and videos were reported to have generated 1.5 billion streams across platforms such as YouTube, Audio MackSoSpotify, Apple Music, and Boomplay amassing a revenue of 2.6 billion Naira.

In an interview with South African magazine DRUM, 26-year-old Ckay explained his music is mostly about love. “I am Africa’s boyfriend because of the music that I make. The predominant thing in my life is love. That’s the one thing that I feel defines me, and I have experienced a lot of joys and pains in love.” Just like a dream, the Warner Music Signee has not only been shot into global stardom but has also beaten the Nigerian music goats, Burna Boy and Wizkid, to become Africa’s best selling global artist within five years of making music. So, who is CKay? How did he rise to stardom within a short time in the Afrobeats music industry? Is He The New face of Afrobeats? #Ckay #WhoisCkay #LoveNwantinti

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