Why A Great Percentage of Nigerian Men Don’t Want Their Wives To Be Rich, or Richer Than Them


When you have only one thing to offer in a relationship, there are chances or tendencies, that you would want to ensure that your partner is lagging in that which you offer.

Why would you desire them to be wanting in that area?

Obviously, because you’re afraid that once they already have that which you offer, you cannot have an edge over them. This is a case of insecurity.

Unfortunately, this is the case with certain Nigerian men who are always out to control their wives.  I once had a neighbour who always disrespected his wife, even in public. You would hear things like “nwanyi mechie onu banye n’íme ulo(woman close your mouth and go inside)” He would utter this in the middle of a conversation that required the woman’s input.

But because she’s jobless and solely dependent on the money he makes, he never failed to display that he was the “head of the house.” His rudeness was such that you would think there was an initial quarrel with the poor woman.

I remember this to have continued for long, until the day the woman landed a job as an accountant for a soap manufacturing company. He stopped disrespecting her, for she was no longer at his mercy whenever she needed money, like before. It became so apparent that every neighbour noticed it.

I guess he was lucky that she didn’t return the disrespect. Some women will do so. 

When certain men crave submissiveness, they forget that when you ideally love someone and manifest it in your actions, they’ll naturally behave in the manner you want them to. 

There’s more to family than just being the bringer of money.  This is why some men prefer dating ladies they’re richer than – they have nothing else to offer, order than money.

Many husbands are terrible parents, and we see it in the way the women are being left to do a greater percentage of the parenting. 

A man who has many things to offer in a relationship, wouldn’t feel inferior to a woman, simply because she’s financially stronger than him. He should see her financial worth as a plus to the family. 

In fact, one is meant to be happy if married to a rich wife.  At least you’re sure that when eventualities happen, there’s a second bone to support the family. A backbone can become inactive – life happens.

I know an importer whose family is currently surviving on the wife’s funds. He had trained her in the business of tiles, and she mastered it. When his goods were seized, and he wasn’t having cash to run the family, his wife stepped in.

Certain Nigerian men ought to be useful in other aspects of the family. The ones who do not want their wives to become rich are the ones lagging in the embodiments required for proper parenting. And in most cases, they are also the ones looking for whom to worship them, and it pains me that they’re ignorant of love being the ultimate submission tool.

Otherwise, why would you want your wife to be wretched?

Written by: Edward Amah

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