Nancy Isime Slander & Interesting Reasons Why Her Lovers Are Not Buying The Sugar Daddy Sponsorship


Without a doubt, award-winning model, actress, and TV personality Nancy Isime is a household name in Nigeria. The 30-year-old actress from Edo State was born and raised in Lagos. Initially, she was raised by both parents until she lost her mum at age 5, before her father took up the role solo.

She had her primary and Junior Secondary school education in Lagos before relocating to Benin to complete her secondary school education. Following her graduation, she moved to the University of Port Harcourt, where she did a 6-month course and later to the University of Lagos, where she earned a diploma in Social Work. This may explain her easy and lovable personality, which many have known since she started her career in 2009. Nancy recently won Miss Valentine International Pageant and went on to win the first runner up place in the Miss Telecomms Nigeria pageant.

Just like that, she began modelling with top brands such as Konga, Zizi Cardow, Shakara Couture, Ade Bakare, House of Marie, and the list goes on. By 2011, the stunner delved into the Nollywood industry, featuring on TV series, Echoes. Today, she has featured on nothing less than 20 movies, including Hex, A Trip to Jamaica, Merry Men 2, Hire a Woman, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, Hire a Man, and most recently, Kambili, The Whole 30 Yards. #NancyIsime #NollywoodStarNancyIsime #NancyIsimeLifestyle

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