“Pls Don’t Mess It Up. Davido Is A Good Guy, He Can Make Your Life. Pls Focus On Your New JOB. Thanks” Timaya Blasts Ubi Franklin, Tells Him To Focus On His Day Job As Nanny To Davido’s Son

Timaya, the Nigerian singer whose real name is Inetimi Odion, has issued a bitter warning to music executive Ubi Franklin.
According to a post on tweeter on Wednesday, the Dancehall Reggae singer, threatened to beat Franklin for the second time.

Odion in bitterness referred to the music executive as “Davido’s son’s employed nanny”, emphasizing that he should concentrate on his new job as a nanny.

“Ubi Franklin, u remember the beating I gave u in January last year? Don’t let me beat you again and please I like your new job as Ifeanyi’s NANI,” he wrote.

“Pls don’t mess it up. Davido is a good guy, he can make ur life. Pls focus on ur new JOB. Thanks.”

This warning to Franklin may not be unrelated to Ubi’s own warning to people, particularly comedians who mock him and bring his kids into it.

The music executive had shared a video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for mocking his wife Jada Pinkett Smith at the Oscars.

He then gave a stern warning that anyone who insults him from now on will get the same humiliation.

Ubi added that he was managing himself and his family at a time and trying to put his life together and Bovi made a painful joke about him and his kids. He then warned Bovi not to try it again.

According to the reaction to Timaya’s tweet, Franklin described the singer as being “petty” while asking him to recount what happened on that faithful day.

“See Timaya wen senior men help comot for hand dey talk say em beat me. You don forget wetin happen that day? Or you don high?” he asked.

In a follow-up post on Twitter, the music executive claimed Timaya was angry because he chastised him over last month’s “hit and run” incident involving a lady.

“Timaya is so petty. You are angry cos I told how wrong it was to knock a woman down and leave her to her fate,” he wrote.

“You come to talk trash here today? I am not a person that will see wrong and keep quiet. You were wrong to have knocked that woman down and left her there. Period.”

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