‘From Cape to Cairo’ and beyond: Netflix comes to the Africa Month party


Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service is
showcasing African talent and stories to its subscribers around the
world through a collection dubbed ‘From Cape to Cairo’ which was
launched on May 1 this week, as part of the Africa Month celebrations.

The collection is as a response to calls for media houses to invest in
creating the space for African content creators to share their stories
about Africa to the world by supporting investment in content
production and promoting access to continental and global audiences
with an aim of changing the view and narratives about Africa to the
world and showcasing African talent and culture.

Commenting on the initiative Leslie Richer, Director of Information
and Communication for the African Union, said; “We welcome the
initiative by Netflix in response to our call to media to redefine and
change the narratives about Africa by showcasing African stories
conceived of and told by African content creators and talent. The
Cape to Cairo showcase on Netflix during the Month of May celebrated
as Africa Month and in which we also celebrate Africa Day on May 25th,
will create visibility for those in front of and behind the camera
doing their part to build the Africa We Want as envisaged in the
Aspirations of Agenda 2063 through investment in Africa’s Creative
Economy and the Culture and Creative Industries. The initiative also
builds on our goals to encourage Dignified Storytelling and ensuring
that stories told about a people and their culture is captured in an
authentic and balanced manner and this can only happen when we
encourage diversity and inclusion in the media space.”

Ben Amadasun, Netflix’s Director of Content in Africa noted that with
Africa’s rich cultural heritage, there’s a multitude of stories to be
told from, and about, the continent and its people. He further said
that “Netflix has not only invested in promoting African talent
through content creation and skills and capacity building initiatives
but wants to enhance the narrative of Africa beyond the continent’s
borders to our global audiences and that’s why in May 2022, we are
celebrating these stories and storytellers through a new collection
titled ‘From Cape to Cairo’.”

The stories featured in the collection will include recommendations
such as ‘Our Music, Our Culture, Our History;’ ‘Award-Winners &
Critics’ Favourites;’ ‘African Women Behind the Camera;’ ‘Love Across
the Continent;’ ‘and Stories from The African Diaspora. Beyond the new
collection on Netflix, the company will also launch a new podcast
Never Late | African Time. featuring some of Africa’s biggest film
and TV talent in conversation about various aspects of the creative
industry that impact their craft. Launching on May 4 2022, the
five-episode podcast is available on the AfricaOnNetflix official
YouTube page, as well as Spotify and Apple iTunes. Viewers can tune in
to a new episode released every Wednesday, with the podcast available
in video and audio formats.

Written by: Thandisizwe Mgudlwa

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