THE TRUTH IS OUT! Korra Obidi EXPOSES Ex-Husband Justin Dean Says She Is Tired Of Keeping Quiet


It’s been two months since Korra Obidi and her husband Justin Deam parted ways after a sudden breakup days after welcoming their second child. The popular Instagram and Facebook couple’s crashed marriage was a big surprise that left many in shock, others confused, and several others in disbelief.

Well, it’s obvious now that it isn’t a prank after all, especially after the once loving couple began to handle the matter in a messy way that resulted in Justin Dean being banned from seeing his children until further notice. For several weeks, Korra refused to address the issue while her 34-year-old Chiropractor husband, now ex, went on social media to wash his dirty laundry in public, ranting and accusing his 30-year-old dancer’s wife of several things, including infidelity. He called her a leach.

According to Urban Dictionary, this type of person does their best to suck your personal wealth out of you without actually causing pain, but just extreme annoyance after you notice it is happening. He also said she lacked accountability and went ahead to call her all sorts of derogatory words, which were captured on camera. After walking out on her four days after giving birth, Justin kicked Korra out of their home and stopped her from using simple things they once shared or owned together, including their postal address. As if that wasn’t enough, Justin went online severally to explain why he left the marriage and every time altered his reasons. In no time, their millions of fans began to take him less seriously. Well, it’s been two months since the couple went their separate ways. Korra, who had been minding her business and trying to start a new life with her babies, is finally speaking out and revelling how her ex-husband is not making things easy for her.

Crying out, she lamented that she is not keeping silent anymore and ready to tell her own side of the story. This is coming after she cried out on social media, exposing her estranged husband and saying he stole 5 thousand dollars from her and her daughters despite not supporting them financially while they were separated. #KorraObidi #JustinDean #KorraObidiandJustinDean #KorraObidimarriage #KorraObidihusband

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