Sad Evidence Ooni Of Ife & Queen Naomi’s Marriage Is Finally Over


Whatever must have happened between Ooni of Ife and Queen Naomi, it looks like the royal couple we all thought were a match made in heaven are not ecstatic to reconcile. From their social media activities down to important events they once attended together, fans have become extremely worried that the royal couple are dangerously avoiding and snubbing each other. What started as mere speculations were glaring for all to see on April 15 2022, when the Ile-Ife Monarch completely snubbed his estranged Olori on her 29th birthday.

In their three years of marriage, the king had never missed celebrating the well-loved queen on special occasions such as her birthday, even when news began flying around about trouble in their royal paradise. But coming months after the prophetess’s wife he shopped from Akure announced to everyone on Instagram that she was divorcing him against all ile-ife traditions because she was tired of suffering and smiling, the Superior Yoruba King snubbed her on her birthday and Instead celebrated the 1-year-old birthday of a cute little girl, who many are now convinced is his daughter with one of his numerous rumoured concubines. In a post on his verified Instagram account, the Osun Monarch shared a photo of a baby girl named Princess Adebukunmi Adeife and penned a heartwarming birthday to her.

He called her the reincarnation of his mother. The monarch then sent lots of love to her mother, fondly calling her Mama Adebuks, probably to make his estranged wife jealous. Surprisingly, Olori Naomi, who has refused to take down the post where she publicly dumped and embarrassed the king despite a report that elders of Ife reconciled them, was not bothered.

She instead enjoyed her birthday with so much drip, glam and fancy designer wear. #OoniOfIfe #QueenNaomi #OoniandQueenNaomimarriage #OoniofIfewife #ProphetesNaomi #OloriNaomi

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