Now that I Arrived, She Wants To Hook Up With Me Again” – James Brown Disowns His Own Mother


Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown said he has ended his relationship with his mother. He made the revelation during a recent chat with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, James Brown also said that his mother now wants to connect with him now that he is doing well, after how she maltreated him when he needed her the most.

“Right now my mom wants to connect but the thing is, I’m not ready. I’ve moved beyond having a mother figure in my life, I don’t need it”. He said.

‘The thing is, what people need to know, what they need to care about is that I’m doing well, I’m okay with my life, life is moving on and I’m happy with my life literally’. 

‘Every day I’m proud of my family, my new family the one I created. I don’t want to start touching those wounds which have healed, I’ve actually healed, I’m okay. But I don’t just feel like it’s the time to start putting myself into that situation because someone that has messed you up before will definitely do it again.” James Brown stated.

Not too long ago, James Brown penned an emotional tribute to his senior colleague, Denrele Edun for being his biggest motivation. The crossdresser revealed that his childhood dream was to be an actor starring in boy-girl movies.

James Brown disclosed that he loved watching movies a lot and enjoyed seeing Denrele Edun on his screen as he made him happy in times of pain or struggle. He added that he looked up to him while growing up and was constantly learning a lot from him.

James Brown wrote, “When I was young I always wanted to become an actor acting in scenes as a BOY GIRL, that was my Dream…I love watching movies a lot seeing @denrele_edun on-screen make me so happy in times of pains and struggle, anytime I see him am always happy. God bless you @denrele_edun I see how people come for him back then but he never gave up. While growing up I looked up to him even when I started my brand I still learn alot on till I could find my niche. Everytime I pass through Drama on social media I always tell myself it @denrele_edun can do it I can also because I am strong. That’s why I call him Queen yeowang-ui-eomeoni”.

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