Why Nigerians need to respect Blossom Chukwujekwu’s Choice of A New Wife, Her Age & Body Size Notwithstanding!


It is so sad seeing Nigerians assuming the omnipotent status in the affairs of a young man whose only crime was to get married. 

The Nollywood Actor – Blossom Chukwujekwu – recently tied the knots with his new wife Winifred Akhuemokhan, on Friday, May 20, in the ancient city of Benin. Prior to this, he was initially married to Maureen Esisi, popularly known as Redvigor.

In the wake of the actor sharing the pictures of his new wife, a certain lady, who is obviously a fan of the actor’s ex, was seen on the Instagram saying “Man left a hot thing like you for that…lol smh” Red vigor was seen reacting with a “hahahahahaha,” which was obviously a mocking undertone.

This was followed by a series of criticisms from certain Nigerians who felt the actor must have been a man of poor taste to have left someone assumed to be more beautiful, for someone a larger number of people described as “being as old as his aunt or mom.”  Several reports have it that, Akhuemokhan is the niece of Christ Embassy’s senior pastor, Chris Oyakhilome.

People are obviously quick to forget that not all celebrities share their struggles on social media like some of their contemporaries. Everyone must not want war after a failed marriage, just as Tonto Dikeh wanted.

Blossom being silent on why his first marriage failed, means he doesn’t want to talk about it. He married Maureen in 2015 and the union ended in 2019. Till today, nobody knows what exactly happened.

When Ned Nwoko married 19 years old Regina Daniels, there were shouts of joy from women who stated “she knows what she wants.”

You would hear things like “Go secure the bag girl.”

I remember how social media was littered with quarrels, because of the marriage.  It did not only get some people angry that Regina was young, but some were already angry at the fact that she was one of his wives.

But this didn’t stop a large spectrum of women from wanting to be in Regina Daniel’s shoes. Why was that? Because to them, she was a reflection of what they called “being intentional.” Many of them said, “there’s no way she married him for love – she obviously went for the money.”

There was hardly a lady who believed she married for love. Many preached about being intentional like Regina Daniels.

Now, why would people lose sleep over Blossom’s choice of a partner? Why do they feel he has to go to someone more beautiful than redvigor?

Some are of the opinion, that there’s a high possibility of his new wife being rich – he could be marrying her for money.  Is that anybody’s business? I thought some ladies are of the opinion that people should be intentional. 

Nigerians need to understand that, as far as there was no crime committed, Blossom could decide to marry a 60-year-old, if he wants. Whether she is beautiful or not, is left for him to decide. People have various reasons for choosing a life partner.

Regina Daniel chose hers, and she’s still there – maybe it will last longer than the public expected.

Blossom should be left with his choice because nobody is going to live in their matrimonial home with them.

Unless you’re sure he’s under a spell, there’s nothing wrong with him getting married to an older lady. He knows what will make him happy, more than you do.

Written by: Edward Amah

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