FUNKE AKINDELE’S Step-Son Benito Is On A Mission To END Her Career?


Some people will let sleeping dogs lie. But not Benito, the stepson of popular Nollywood actress Funke Akindele, who has come out once again to make fresh damning revelations about the actress and her husband, JJC Skillz. Maybe it’s about time we swap that saying to “Hell hath no fury as a stepson scorned.” In an Instagram live session on May 20 2022, the 17-year-old teenager revealed that the actress mistreats her workers, including slapping and calling them names whenever she’s upset.

Just to substantiate his claims, Benito shared a video of the actress screaming at her workers. Further exposing Funke Akindele whom we all know like to keep her personal life private, Benito revealed that the Omo Ghetto producer allegedly cheated on JJC Skillz who equally cheated on her, before adding that they are not really together anymore. Looking back in April, when reports were sweeping around that the Jenifa’s Diary star actress marriage was in crisis, Benito, who lived with the couple in their Amen Estate home for several years rushed to confirm the news.

The teenager then hinted that Funke Akindele is not who her fans think she is. As you would all recall, this resulted in an online brawl between JJC Skills and Benito’s mom, Mella. Even though we all thought it would end here, Benito has refused to let sleeping dogs lie. Is this a classic case of a scorned stepson? Is Benito hellbent on destroying Funke Akindele’s reputation and career? Lastly, how is the actress reacting to these damning allegations? #FunkeAkindele #Benito #JJCSkillz #FunkeAkindelemarriage

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