Is There Any Hope of Peter Obi Winning the Presidency Under A Small Party?


The past few days have been all about securing the future of our nation, and the first step to take would be to elect a credible name good enough to start the immediate process of reviving our economy. 

The teeming populace of the Nigerian youths scattered across the length and breadth of the social media space, seem to be on the side of the former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi. This is the same with the wants of a cross-section of the common man, off social media.

For a man who was once the Vice-Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), he was expected by certain Nigerians, to remain in the party, no matter the odds. Well, he had decided to take the presidential ticket of the party but was frustrated by the primaries of the presidential race.

He didn’t contest again, because it was evident, that some forces were against his winning it – he actually accused party delegates of collecting money from other Presidential candidates of the party.

Having left PDP for the Labour party – a small party – is there any hope of him winning the race?

For a country that has majorly been into a two-party system, it is going to be a herculean task.  This is why a lot of people believe he should have patiently waited to team up with Atiku again since they made better running mates at the last election – their combination seems to be the only one that can rival any candidate presented by the incumbent party (APC)

Others are also of the opinion that the Labor Party has no stronghold in the North while blaming him for not accepting to be the Vice-President in the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) which is led by Rabiu Kwankwaso, who is also well respected in the North.

Mr. Obi wants nothing to do with the post of a deputy this time, and it has been well-understood now. Nigerians should understand that if he had wanted the position of vice, he wouldn’t have left the PDP.

There are lots of mockery undertones as to whether he can achieve anything tangible in the Labor Party.

Do we remember that there was a time PDP boasted that they will rule Nigeria for an uninterrupted 16 years?

Do we remember that before APC was formed, there was a revolt from certain PDP members?

Nobody expected the downfall of PDP, and neither did anyone expect the fierceness of the battle we saw, before the sitting President took the seat.

For a voting system that hasn’t found a way of stopping rigging entirely, it would be hard for a small party like Labour Party to even have the appropriate number of its supporters or those that will vote for Peter Obi in the forthcoming election. 

The rigging system needs to be destroyed if we are to know the actual number of Peter Obi supporters, before deciding if he would win the election. 

However, what if there’s another revolt in PDP or APC?

What if influential names decide to support the Labor Party train?

By then, one would be faced with another problem of the party structure. The north understands only PDP or APC, and it would take a long time for Labour Party to achieve enough sensitization in the North, and of course, it will be done by northerners from the party. This cannot be done within the short period of time available.

And the tribal issue?

Most Northerners would not vote for anybody from the East.  Peter Obi’s vote will come mainly from the East and South. He could get some Western votes too. PDP and APC also have strongholds in these areas, apart from sharing the North together.

If Peter Obi will ever win the Presidency of the Nigerian nation, I doubt if the time is now. 

It will only take a miracle for him to win, given the unfortunate political structure of the poverty capital of the world.


Written by: Edward Amah

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