Hero Mom And Community champion makes history at Queen’s Jubilee together with her awesome band Mahogany Mass Artsin Brent, Harlesden


The moment our Mas met Aspo in the stands on The Mall at Buckingham Palace. Such a proud moment seeing those beloved Pans sitting in pride of place. There was such immense love in the air

This moment will forever be etched in our minds!

Today was a memorable day that will go down in history for this great country and for my children and their generation. I am lost for words all I can say is Wow!!.

Today I see God’s grace and favour shining over my life and my children. We had such a difficult 2 years but today I am reminded When God blesses you he elevates you and no man can demote you. Almighty God will Propel greatness to come in life.

To be a part of HRH Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Pageant today 5th June 2022

Was a life-changing and humbling experience.

It will live with me forever, but sharing this with my daughter was priceless. Annalise has also taken part and wore her beautiful floral costume.

We were Applauded by the Royal family HRH Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, HRH Charles, Prince of Wales and his wife HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwell. HRH Anne, Princess Royal KG, KT, GCVO, and thousands of charming Fans the Pageant was broadcasted in many countries. With over 200 masqueraders from all over the World

HR Her Majesty the Queen has inspired me with her resilience and determination throughout her life Thank you for allowing us to be a part of her special occasion as special performers.

That feeling of shock is specifically what Salandy wishes individuals will certainly experience on Sunday when the giraffes, as well as zebras, sign up with performers of dance elephants as well as flamingos outside Buckingham Royal residence as a component of the contest that will certainly cover off 4 days of celebrations commemorating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the throne. In the meanwhile, the plastic foam monsters will certainly continue to be secured in the cooking area for safekeeping.

Salandy as well as her group at Mahogany Circus Arts desire their spirited reimagining of the setup where the young Princess Elizabeth discovered she was queen in 1952, while on a wild animals exploration in Kenya, to stimulate a feeling of enjoyable as well as a dream in a country recuperating from the coronavirus pandemic.

They desire, basically, to influence pleasure.

” When you see it, you need to go, ‘Wow! You recognize that’s remarkable!”‘ Salandy claimed. “We’re mosting likely to raise individuals out of COVID as well as take them onward when they complete. Individuals need to really feel favourable that life is returning as well as we’re mosting likely to move on as well as back right into appreciating our lives.”

About the designer, Clary Salandy is co-founder and Artistic Director of Mahogany Carnival Design set up in 1989 by her and her husband, Michael Ramdeen aka Speedy. They design and create large scale sculptures and carnival costumes in the art form of “Mas Making” or street theatre. They are known for their larger than life designs.

Their inspiration originates from their involvement in the Trinidad Carnival. They both are designers in their own right; Clary studied at The Wimbledon School of Art and worked at Central St Martin’s in London, whilst Speedy studied Structural Engineering. They set up shop in Harlesden, North West London in 1996 and have been there ever since.

Clary has won many awards. Her work has been featured in several TV arts documentaries and in many prestigious world events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the first Afro Asian games in Hyderabad India and the Millennium Gran finale in Singapore.

Clary has also taught at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture. She has also lectured on several art courses nationally and internationally. Her work for the musical “Carnival Messiah” won the Cacique Award for outstanding costume design.

Recently she was the artistic director of the creative performance for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics in Leicester. And, she was one of the artists shortlisted for Artist taking the Lead.

Clary and Micheal aim to develop techniques of costume design and construction and to heighten the understanding of Carnival and Carnival Arts through Mahogany. Mahogany have won Best Children’s Costume Band at Notting Hill Carnival several times including in 2014 and 2018. Their winning collaborations have been featured in the Caribbean, London, Paris, Nice, Sweden, United States and Trinidad and act as a catalyst for bringing together people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

“We’re very inspired by the art form and so we do everything we can to be as innovative as we can in our ideas [and] techniques.” — Clary

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