What men and women need to learn from Amber Heard losing in the Defamation suit by Johnny Depp


The week has been filled with the unexpected victory of the “Pirates of the Caribbean star,” in the law court. According to Telegraph Uk, “The verdict marked a vindication for the Hollywood star, who two years ago lost a libel trial in London over an article which labeled him a ‘wife-beater’”.

According to news.com. au: “The decision, reached today in the Fairfax County Court, will see Heard, 36, have to pay $15 million in damages to Depp, 58. Of that $10m is in compensatory damages and $5m in punitive damages. However, Virginia law only allows punitive damages up to a maximum of $350,000, meaning Depp was awarded a total of $10.35 million.

The win is a remarkable feat for the Oscar-nominated actor, who said he lost his roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Beasts, after Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed revealing herself as the victim of domestic and sexual abuse.” 

The trials of Johnny, even before the court case, has been the unfortunate incident of some men, in a society where women are always seen to be more favoured, in the court. 

At some point in the case it was shocking, realising that he was the one who was sometimes abused in the marriage.

This case teaches the society’s terrible women, that no matter how ugly their lies are, there’s a possibility of them losing a case in court.

The vindication will make toxic women afraid of hurting their husbands, since more endangered men are now being encouraged to speak out, like Depp did.

In recent interviews with Amber, she claimed she has been humiliated by the case, and that her loss would discourage women from speaking out. Meanwhile,  this is the first time in ages I am seeing women throwing away sentiments and gender wars,  in order to support the truth – that she really did her ex-husband dirty.

Women all over the world keep slamming her for her lies which were evident in the case, while, aspects, there are other cross – section of women supporting her in the name of “she’s a woman.’

I know a man who lives with his family in Agbani road, Enugu. Sometimes I wish I could save him from his marriage – he’s a victim of domestic violence.

But it will be hard for him to abandon the marriage in a society where men are cancelled from leaving an abusive marriage, simply because of censorship in the manner of “ are you not a ma ?”

A man can be a victim.

A man can die silently in marriage because society wouldn’t want to hear or believe his story. It has always been “ how can you say a woman is abusing you in a marriage?”

The aforementioned notion in quote has sent many men to their early graves because they couldn’t speak out.

To show how annoying Johnny’s ex-wife appeared in court, Gofundme has shut down the one million dollar fundraising which people arranged, in order to enable her pay her ex-husband.

This will teach more terrible women to be careful, and for them to understand that while we get justice for women being abused in marriages, we have also entered the era of getting justice for men abused in marriages.

About three days ago, a Nigerian doctor practising in the UK was being dragged on Facebook by a married lady who claimed he was asking her out.

He had only wanted to ensure that the process of recovery of some stolen funds in a ponzi scheme, which they were both victims and a process which she was chairing, was made transparent.

Instead of addressing the issue of her transparency, she left it for the usual dirty women some ladies wield “ it’s because I rejected his advances.”

Well, trust some women to start crucifixion – the doctor was bitterly criticised throughout the length and breadth of Facebook.

But immediately he spoke out by bringing out certain pieces of evidence, most people understood she was lying to a great degree. The lady was then dragged to an extent that she had to take down her posts.

Men are learning to speak up, while terrible women are now understanding that lying against a man, could backfire.

Written by: Edward Amah

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