Are Churches wrong to deny people entrance into their services unless they have PVCs?


    “Eneke the bird says that since men have learned to shoot without missing, he has learned to fly without perching.” – Chinua Achebe, Things fall apart.

    In life, extreme measures are taken in situations that require urgent attention, like the Bird in Chinua Achebe’s classic. So, when the news had it that a Catholic priest in Jos denied entry to members of his parish without PVC, I understood that the priest was similar to Eneke the bird.

     Those without PVC were not allowed to participate in Mass.

    As expected, a lot of people criticized his actions, with many stating that it was inappropriate.

    “The church has nothing to do with politics.”

    “The church is a spiritual place.”

    “This is a violation of fundamental human rights.”

    The above was how some Nigerians reacted, while a good number took to defending the priest.

    Was the priest wrong?

    Now, it is important to first note that he had told them the previous week to go get it before that day, and had warned them of the consequences of not having it.

    Since we are faced with hard times, we are not to blame anyone who tries to ensure we do not vote in the wrong people into power. In order to elect a proper government, we all must first be eligible to vote – having a PVC.

    People would ordinarily opine that the church has no business with politics, but since the massacre of Christians in a catholic church in Owo days ago, it would be unfair to blame churches for wanting to take this presidential race seriously.

    In the North, the issuance of PVC is made very easy in such a way that at some point, it is done around the Mosques, apart from some areas where it is almost a door-to-door initiative.

    In recent times, religious clergies have been abducted by several unknown gunmen, and since these happenings continue to be on the increase, it is safe to say that the best way to prevent these sad occurrences from taking place again, would be by voting incredible people into power.

    A girl was wrongfully murdered in the North by Muslim extremists who felt she committed blasphemy, and justice is yet to be served. The normal system may end up doing nothing to apprehend her killers, and this will breed the courage for subsequent attacks on other Christians.

    The church is even meant to ensure that PVC collection spots are existing around the church. The church needs to rise up and take the bull by the horn.

    In the times we’re in, nothing is wrong with what was said by the priest. Nothing!

    Written by: Edward Amah

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