The Signs were there: On Emmanuel Cheating on Liquorose in Dubai


“I Was Knocking for 15 Minutes, You Didn’t Open.”

That was Liquorose of the BBNaija show, who, in the ongoing Reunion show, stated how her boyfriend and fellow housemate, Emmanuel, was seen with another lady in a hotel room.

According to her, it happened on the one night they were not to sleep in the same room. She noted that after knocking and being ignored for several times, she had to lie that she forgot something. That was when she was let into the suite.

She stated that it was more horrible when he didn’t feel any remorse and didn’t go after her to apologize. 


I remember when fans of the EmmaRose ship kept attacking people who felt that Emmanuel just needed her, in order to go far in the show.

People kept seeing signs that showed they wouldn’t last. I remember a girl saying this:

“Why is Liqour throwing herself at Emmanuel?”

Fans of Liqourose, out of sentiments, told the girl to close her mouth.

It was apparent that the female housemate was the one holding the relationship – the guy wasn’t showing enough commitment.

In the Reunion show, Ebuka(the host) asked Angel, JMK, and Saskay certain questions, and he got an answer that shows the male housemate flirted with some people in the house while dating Liquorose.

Angel said she didn’t take their relationship serious, and no one would blame her for not considering them a serious pair.

Who knows the things he must have said to her, when away from cameras?

Liqourose was so in love that she didn’t care about the energy she was getting from the male housemate.  If she had put the signs into consideration, she would have created that illusion of a relationship in the show, after which she’ll cut him off after the programme. 

But by the time fans of Liqourose started suspecting the intentions of the young man, they had already voted to save him.

When people seem to be lovers, there are certain basics they should look out for in their daily routine of togetherness. 

I remember when my female course mate was dating a male course mate of ours. There were little signs that showed he didn’t want to be entirely committed – he wanted an open relationship. 

But did she notice this? No.

He would say inappropriate words to other female colleagues before her, and she would regard it as a thing of fun.

There are tiny details men and women need not miss out in their togetherness with someone. It is easy to know if a person is as much into you the way you are into them.

What is the reciprocal nature of the relationship? This information would help you decide if you want to continue giving your all. When you give every time and attention to someone who attaches no value to it, then one should be able to understand that togetherness isn’t healthy.

The display of affection shouldn’t be in the ratio of 8 and 2.  

When my female coursemate understood that his poor display of affection wasn’t changing any time soon, she ended the affair.

EmmaRose ship was dead on arrival, and if after the reunion show, she decides to give him another chance, then she shouldn’t bother disturbing the public with the information on what would happen next. 

Written by: Edward Amah

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