‘I Am On A Journey Of Self DIscovery’ May Yul-Edochie Becomes Nation’s Sweetheart/Making Money Moves


It has been over a month since her actor husband of 17 years humiliated her on social media by announcing his secret marriage and son with Judy Austine, his Nollywood colleague and side chic of many years. This beautiful mother of four has begun to prove to us that her husband’s betrayal is not enough to break her.

She has also decided to use her trying times to attain more outstanding achievements. While the separation from her husband has opened an opportunity for her to pursue all the goals and dreams she put on the back burner during the marriage, instead of hiding her face or accepting her faith, It looks like she has instead gotten the chance to reinvent, build and plot a life of her own making. To cap it all, members of the public, including celebrities, are cheering and supporting her all the way up.

Can we safely say May Yul-Edochie is the latest Nations sweetheart? How did she win the heart and support of many so fast? #MayYulEdochie #YulEdochie #YulEdochiewives

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