Popular Nigerian RICH MEN Who Tried POLYGAMY & It Became A NIGHTMARE


Polygamy is rare throughout most of the world, however, it’s legal in most countries in Africa but not practised widely. According to Pew Research centre, Nigeria is the third highest country that practises polygamy with 28%. Some may call it the result of too much money, aged long traditionally, or simply boredom and the craving for a trophy wife, especially among the rich, famous and celebrated. The attempt for most Nigerian Celebrity men to marry more than one wife and live happily ever after has been an exciting journey that the Alaafin of Oyo, if alive today, will have a story to tell.

Over the years, we have witnessed many public figures such as Jide Kosoko, Segun Ogungbe, Adebayo Salami and the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti enjoy marriage with more than one wife. While their wives have confessed that it hasn’t exactly been easy, they confirmed that for the sake of peace and their husband, they have learnt to be best friends with each other.

Sadly, some public figures whose homes became a horror site after embracing polygamy cannot boast of the same thing. The messy details of their polygamous homes became the order of the day, while some who were once happily married and built a loving, calm and peaceful home in the process lost someone the public thought was their soulmate. Who are these public Celebs who tried polygamy and failed epically? #YulEdochie #AhmedMusa #obaelegushi

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