Who Is Bhadie Kelly? Everything About TikTok Star Tensioning Girls As Boys Drool Over Her Epic Moves


The latest thing to have caught the attention of Nigerian boys is not the Nyash challenge or the 2023 election fever. It is, in fact, not a thing, but a beautiful girl on Tik Tok who goes by the name Kelly. Oh, you can also call her Bhadie Kelly. The US-based melanin beauty was a lesser-known Tik Tok user until she went viral on May 23 of this year after sharing this video of her dancing to an instrumental remix of Mac Miller’s song, “Nikes on My Feet”, with a backdrop of several Nike Kicks.

Before anyone could even whistle, the video had gained over 4.8 Million Views, the bulk of whom was from Nigerian men who could not stop drooling over her stunning shape and perfect backside. Apart from flooding Kelly’s comments with compliments and even going ahead to shoot their shots, Kelly, it’s all they have been talking about outside of Tik Tok, with many resharing her videos and others trying to recreate her moves. But, you all know that saying, “Is she even a Nigerian girl if she isn’t jealous?” Well, as Kelly continues to make Nigerian boys drool, so have Nigerian women begun to get jealous and complain over the massive attention Kelly is getting from their men.

Last we heard of the Tik Tok star. She claimed Nigerian girls massively reported her account for stealing their shine and men. Who is Bhadie Kelly? Why are Nigerian men obsessed with her? And why are Nigerian women so jealous of her right now? #BhadieKelly #TiktokstarBhadieKelly #WhoisBhadieKelly

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