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“I Don’t Think I Want To Get Married Again! – Korra Obidi Discuss Failed Marriage & New Relationship

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Once bitten, twice shy is a saying that now best describes beautiful Nigerian singer, professional dancer, model, and actress, Korra Obidi. In a Facebook live video that went viral on August 3, 2022, the Los-Angeles Based mother of two said she doesn’t think she ever wants to marry again. According to multi -a talented star, she gave all her best to the marriage institution, including cooking and giving her ex-husband different styles in the bedroom to keep the marriage going. But despite it all, the marriage still crashed scandalously. As a result, Korra Obidi has now warned all the men hoping to be husband number two not to bother because the chances of that ever happening is like a camel passing through the needle’s eye.

She said, “Please don’t try to marry me. I like my space. Before I had to tone down my craze small… Now, nobody is going to stop me from being myself” Indeed, for three straight years, fans of the talented dancer believed she was doing everything right in her seemingly perfect marriage and that they were made for each other. This was to a point where when her marriage to US-based chiropractor Justin Dean crashed publicly on March 7, 2022, just days after welcoming their second child, fans were beyond shocked by the news.

Many even argued April’s Fools’ day came early until reality set in, following Justin’s accusations that the dancer is a narcissist and had been cheating on him right from the beginning of the marriage. But it appears that fans were not the only ones shocked by the marriage crash, but also Korra Obidi, who, despite moving on very fast with her kids, has still not gotten over her failed marriage. Did Korra Obidi really give her all during her three years of marriage to Justin Dean? Is she right for choosing not to embrace love and marriage again, or shall we say too soon? #KorraObidi #KorraObidimarriage #Korra



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