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2Face Apologies To Wife Anni Idibia? The Reason Why Has Been Revealed!

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Iconic Nigerian singer, 2Face Idibia, has been trending as a result of the recent public apology he made to his family, especially his wife, Annie Idibia, for all the sorrows he must’ve caused her throughout their marriage.
The musician, also known as 2Baba, shared a video of his wife in bed and added the caption;

“Forever grateful to u @annieidibia1 Love you till I die… ur kind is rare. #Grateful to you forever. Sorry, I messed it all up.”

He also wrote a long post to further apologize to his family and management for all he has caused them, indicating that he is just returning to his default setting, and renouncing his model status to show how dedicated he wishes to be in the course of becoming a better person.

Meanwhile, there have been several speculations that the musician allegedly impregnated another lady, and that was what prompted him to make the public apology that he made recently.

These speculations received a massive boost when a popular blog writer, @Ahma33dx made a post on Instagram indicating that 2Baba has impregnated a banker.

“1 wife, 7 kids, 3 baby mama’s, and now another sure banker, the remaining quarter of 2022 would be crazy and unbearable for Annie, too much damage for just one person. Damn, Tuface really got 2Face”.

It looks like 2Baba keeps playing out the same script with Anni Idibia, who takes him back all the time. After they got married in May of 2012, The Afrobeats singer had five children with two baby mama’s under Annie’s nose.

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