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BBNaija 7: Female Housemates Go More Erotic; Twerk Dirty On Male Housemates Skin To Skin After Pool Party (Video)

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After an exciting Pool Party, Level 1 Housemates decided to continue the Party in the Living Room. The Housemates played truth or dare after a couple of drinks, there was more daring than truths. 

First up was Deji, dared to choose someone to kiss for 15 seconds. He jokingly selected Giddyfia who howled in laughter. He then decided to jump on Chichi to get a kiss, but she opted out. She kept screaming, “I’ll drink, I’ll drink,” signaling that she did not want to kiss him. 

Chichi, however, was more than willing to dance on top of Deji. She danced on top of him for 15 seconds on the couch and took it to the floor a few plays later. Dotun and Doyin could not believe what they were singing as she climbed on top of Deji who seemed to enjoy himself a lot, or was it the booze? Deji also received a dare to touch her boobs, and she consented. He also received a dare to touch her boobs, and she consented. 

Another Level 1 guy that scored a dance was Eloswag. He got one from Chomzy but managed to get a kiss too. He also touched her boobs during one of the dares. 

On the lighter side of the game, Giddyfia was given an option to choose between Diana or Rachel, and she went with Diana. Dotun also said she would cuddle with Rachel if he had the opportunity to do anything with her. 

Doyin and Chichi refused to take two dares; one to kiss someone and the other to choose someone they would be intimate with in the House. 

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