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Alexx Ekubo Is LIVING HIS TRUTH After He Got Dumped By The Love Of His Life

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Exactly a year after a shocking breakup, Nollywood star Alexx Ekubo’s American actress ex-fiance, Fancy Acholonu, came out to shed more light on their breakup and apologize for her outburst. Breakfast, the Nigerian lingo for heartbreak, can make people do stupid things. For some people, it can lead to a severe emotional or mental breakdown; for some, they go back to their old ways. But in the case of Nollywood’s fine boy, Alexx Ekubo, heartbreak has only made him become an enjoyment minister. Rather than cower to one corner to be asking ‘God Why’, the handsome model and actor have chosen to live his best life. In August of 2021, the internet went on fire after Fancy Acholonu called off her 3months engagement with the Nollywood fine boy.

They unfollowed each other on social media. Addressing the shocking breakup, Fancy Acholonu took to her official Instagram page to plead for privacy. Briefly narrating why they suddenly broke up, the model said they both needed to find happiness and live in their truth. This did not go down well as many people took advantage of the situation to question Alex Ekubo’s sexuality. Instead of reacting in the usual manner expected of celebrities where they begin to air their dirty laundry, diss each other in subtle posts, proportion blame, or grant explosive interviews, Alexx Ekubo calmly walked away to mind his business.

The Bling Lagosian Star actor instead moved on and continued his life like nothing spoiled and has been living the softest life ever since, travelling, partying, and bagging endorsement deals. In a recent Instagram post, the actor penned a note to God saying, “Dear God, I see what you’re doing in my life, please continue, I am here for it.” At the same time, his ex-fiance, Fancy, who revealed that she had gone through a lot since then, revisits the breakup a year after, publicly apologizing to Alexx and setting the record straight once again. Did Alexx Ekubo handle the heartbreak well? Has he truly moved past the shocking incident? Why Is his ex-girlfriend, Fancy addressing the issue again a year later? #AlexxEkubo #AlexEkubogirlfriend #AlexxEkubofiance #FancyAcholonu



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