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Uche Jombo, Don Jazzy & More Celebs Who Got DIVORCED But Kept It A SECRET For Many Years

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You may think you know everything about your favourite celebrities because they are always in the spotlight, and you follow them on the gram. Like who their friends are, who they’re married to or currently dating, who will be their plus one at the next event or fashion week, what their home looks like, what their favourite food is and just maybe you think you know if your fave is in a happy or sad marriage.

But this is the point where we shock you. What if we told you that even after years of following every move and newsworthy content of your favourite celebrities, you might be surprised to find out that some of them have a secret life that you are not privy to? You know that saying, you only know so much as what people let on. Well, this applies very much to celebrities, especially when it comes to their relationships and marriage breakups. In the past five years, we have seen certain celebrities shake the internet for successfully fooling their fans about their marital status.

While some had pretended for years about still being married, some quietly ended their marriage, changed their social media bio, and kept fans guessing and confused. But hey, that’s not all; some of your faves even got married quietly and ended things quietly, too, without speaking to their fans about this. #DonJazzy #Nollywood #UcheJombo #NigerianCelebrities



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