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10 Yummy-Mummy Looks Regina Daniels Served Us Since Welcoming Her 2nd Child

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Movie star Regina Daniels Has Transformed her fashion Since Giving Birth To Baby Number 2. If Regina Daniels is known for one other thing apart from her movies, it’s how fashionable and well she often dresses, which is screaming classy these days.

The 22 years old Nollywood actress and her 62 year old husband, Ned Nwoko recently welcomed their second child and ever since then, the new mom have been serving us hot, hot when it comes to fashion and swag.

Before we go into more details, Regina Daniels recounted how she was not ready when she had her son, stating she was insistent on living her youthful life, but Munir’s arrival brought numerous significant changes into her life.

She said in an Instagram post…

“thanking God for blessing me with this adorable little one and just can’t help but share it with the world. I can’t believe I birthed the same baby twice”

However, since Regina had her second child, the Nollywood sweetheart has stepped up her game when it comes to fashion. Regina Daniels doesn’t dress like your regular 22-year-old but like a classy woman in her 30s, Dripping with elegance. Without wasting any time, let’s take a look at ten times the ‘Enemy Within’ star served us some Yummy Mummy Gorgeous Looks.



The mother of two who has taken on a new trend in her fashion style, giving us some “woman of virtue vibe”, see photos;


Regina Daniels at Petra The Lost City has chosen to serve some Arabian looks


This is definitely the “feeling good” sensation and the actress know exactly just how to give her noble looks.


Mother of two sitting pretty In one of the traditional parlour in “mount Ned”


Regina Daniels looks absolutely adorned in grace in this fourth look.


This fifth look has got the damsel looking gorgeous in soft heals and corporate wear.


Regina’s smart outfit is totally beautiful in this 6th look – her sunglasses giving the ready to vibe energy.


This photo displays all mummy vibe in the flowing Ankara outfit


Regina even as a mother of two isn’t ready to step down in her fashion moves, she’s advanced her game with a whole womanly energy in black.


Regina Daniels decided to offend with #Fendi in her first outing after giving birth. The baby girl despite keeping is simple with a pair of Jeans and T-shirt, still looked classy. The funny part is that you wouldn’t know that she just gave birth to a whole human a few days ago here.


Finally, her tenth look is painting a picture of the actress keeping her cool while her mum looks after her. You can tell Regina Daniels is enjoying the yummy mummy soft, like in the 3rd slice of these photos where she rocked a baby blue summer dress.

Which one of these 10 Regina Daniels yummy mummy looks is your favourite?



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