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“I Turned Down An Invitation To Meet Queen Elizabeth II” Says Prof. Dr Pauline Long

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Media mogul Prof Dr Pauline Long shared with her fans and friends on Facebook why she turned down an invitation to meet the most steadfast monarch, the late HRM Queen Elizabeth II.

She wrote…..

“At the peak of my service to African communities in the UK, an official invite from the late Queen Elizabeth II bearing my name arrived one morning, I was extremely excited. At the time, I was organising one of the most prestigious African beauty pageants in the UK, the Mr and Miss East Africa UK, involving 13 African countries.

Through the pageant, my team and I encouraged the youth to become entrepreneurs and leaders. The letter inviting me to the Queen’s reception came through an organisation that appreciated all I was doing in the community. I quickly grabbed the phone and called the organisation to politely turn down the invite.

I turned it down because I believed and I still believe in passing on the torch to the youth, so I requested them to change the name on the invite to Miss East Africa UK Queen at the time. I also believe that not every blessing that is presented to me is mine, some are given to me to pass on to others, and so this invitation from the queen was definitely one of those blessings that were meant for me to gift someone else.

The organisation was shocked that I could turn down such an invitation to meet the queen of England however they honoured my wish and sent the invitation to Miss East Africa UK….. The young lady was equally shocked and pleasantly surprised at the same time, to this date, she is eternally grateful to have met the gracious Queen of England.

The opportunity opened several doors for her. It was rightfully her time to shine. I was massively happy for her. I never met the Queen, but every time I stand on stage to speak, I’m instantly reminded to own the stage and own my leadership mantle because one woman did so for 70 years.

Rest in Power and Love HRM Queen Elizabeth II.”



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