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“It’s Classless & Unladylike To Flaunt Boobs At Burial, Respect The Dead” Oge Nsimah

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Social media commentator and real estate consultant, Oge Nsimah has reacted to two different burial celebrity photos. Reacting she said

“Its classless and unladylike to fluant  Boobi at burial, respect the Dead !!

Pointing to Nollywood Actress Danielle Okereke at her Dad’s burial and Late Princess Diana’s sons, Prince Williams and Princes Harry with their wives, Princess Kate and Meghan Markle at the burial Ceremony of their grandmother,  Queen Elizabeth II.

“Spot the difference between well cultured and civilized people and uncultured and uncivilized people”. Oge said.

“They oppressor people with boobi even at Burial…

One of the reason I like Muslims and Hindus  women is Africa.


The social commentator said, pointing out how decent the royal well dressed compared to the Nollywood star.

What are your thoughts?

Oge Nsimah


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