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From Popular Billionaire To Best Bathroom Cleaner In Prison – A Candid Update On Hushpuppi’s Trial

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If you’ve ever wondered what will become of World-famous fraudster Hushpuppi in US prison, wonder no more because the once-upon-a-time billionaire has won Best Bathroom Cleaner in Prison award. You know that saying! If the Orange Jumpsuit does not change you, it will definitely humble you. The shocking revelation came to light on September 5, 2022, after the US government granted the former Dubai big boy appeal to temper justice with mercy by reducing his jail term to 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and 2.2 million dollars in restitution.

In a previous memorandum submitted by his lawyer, Louis Shapiro, the fraudster had begged that his jail term be reduced to 2 years with no deportation back to Nigeria, even though his co-conspirator, Ghaleb Alaumary, was sentenced to 140 years in prison for similar charges. Hushpuppi argued that he has been very cooperative in bringing many of his co-conspirators down especially disgraced Nigerian Super Cop, Abba Kyari. That’s not all; the Gucci Master claims that he is now a changed person, asserting that asides from relating well with his fellow inmates, he is one of the best bathroom cleaners in prison, with reports to back him up.

While social media users continue to argue about how long Hushpuppi will be wearing the Orange Jumpsuit ahead of his sentencing scheduled for September 21 of this year, many cannot help but wonder if being the best bathroom cleaner is an indication that the fraudster who stole for Gucci Sake is a changed person. #Hushpuppi #HushpuppiTrialUpdate #HushpuppiLife

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