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“She Wets My Bed” – Opeyemi David Falegan Makes New Damaging Claims About Ex Nkechi Blessing Sunday In A Recent Video

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Opeyemi David Falegan has made some damaging claims about his ex-girlfriend Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

The couple’s online fight had died down for a while but began again after Nkechi Blessing appeared on TVC yesterday, September 15, and claimed that she only dated ODF to get back at her ex.

ODF went on Instagram Live to slam Nkechi by making damaging claims about her.

He said she’s a drug addict and he showed some of the drugs she allegedly consumes.

He added that she was also taking a number of fertility drugs with the hope of conceiving for him, but he wasn’t ready to have a child with someone like her.

He also said she smokes weed a lot.

He also alleged that she wets the bed and she’s a terrible cook.

He went on to claim that she’s dirty and doesn’t take care of her personal hygiene.

He said she has black spots all over her bum and asked anyone who has been intimate with her to verify his claim.

Tonto Dikeh and Buhari also received stray bullets as ODF fired missiles at Nkechi.

He said Nkechi tried to use Tonto Dikeh’s playbook to bring him down. He said that everything Tonto Dikeh said about Olakunle Churchill after they split are the same things Nkechi said about him.

He went on to point out that Tonto has now been made a vice presidential candidate for a political party and he won’t be surprised if Nkechi later gets the same treatment.

He added that when Nigeria has a president like Buhari, it will be no surprise if someone like Nkechi gets a political position.

However, he added that it might be hard for her because she’s “razz” and an “illiterate”.

He claimed he tried to polish her and begged her to go back to school when they were together, but she asked him who has benefited from school and informed him that she makes more money than many graduates.

Watch a short clip from ODF’s live video below. ..

Nkechi Blessing Sunday has slammed her ex Opeyemi David Falegan again.

ODF went on Instagram Live last night and in the early hours of this morning to accuse Nkechi of being a drug addict and a dirty woman.

Responding today, Nkechi insinuated that ODF is jobless which is why he can stay up all night doing live videos.

See her posts below.



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