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Top 5 Housemates Likely to Win The BBNaija “Level Up” Season, 2022

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The BBNaija reality show kickstarted on July 23rd, 2022 and it’s on for 10 weeks. The show commenced with 24 housemates and the addition of 2 new housemates after the first week. AS the show progresses, several housemates have been evicted based on possible disqualification following flouting Biggie’s rules in the house.

The BBNaja “Level Up” season witnessed the entry of 24 housemates, but in the past few weeks a couple of the housemates have been evicted including the fake housemates except Beauty who got disqualified earlier during the show, below is a list of the remaining housemates in Biggie’s house yet:


  1. Groovy
  2. Adekunle
  3. Sheggz
  4. Daniella
  5. Phyna
  6. Bryann
  7. Bella
  8. Hermes
  9. Chichi

Amidst the housemates listed, and what their ever growing fans and family are saying, we’re gong look into 5 popular housemates who are likely to win the BBNaija “Level Up”. We’re not going to ignore the attitudes they’ve put up so far in Bggie’s house.

Top 5 Housemates Likely to Win The BBNaija “Level Up” Season


Groovy, handsome, smart, and confident. He earlier warned viewers to be ready for his vibe in the house. while he yet lasted in the house, he seemed to be the every woman kind of guy with his handsomeness as he had made a move on a couple of his female housemates like Beauty, Chomzy and Phyna. During his stay in the house for the past few weeks, he has been showing off some self-sufficient attitude which has rub off the perception he will emerge the winner of the level up season on viewers.

However, winners of the past editions have been the male housemates stepping up, Groovy is likely to emerge the winner. He knows just how to bring out the best in his fellow housemates, this have been noticed since his team up for tasks and game sessions in the house. Groovy is practically appearing on everyone’s good side and this will be in his favour.


Beautiful but most horniest housemate within. Daniella is often spotted in her corner staying fit if not acting or singing in the house. Daniella usually steps in as a defender or intermediary during heated arguments, she believes in fair play and displays resilient energy.

She believes the BBNaija Reality show is an amazing platform upon which she can place her creativity on full display. With these, she gets on the nice side of viewers and she’s likely to emerge our winner in the show.


One of the outstanding female housemates, she is high spirited and has a high fan base. After being involved in quite a number of dramas in the house, she has the habit to not taking matters too personal. You would agree with me how she acts like nothing happens the next minute right after engaging in a heated argument with a fellow housemate.

She shows off attributes of being allergic to malice and viewers describe her as a born entertainer. She will possibly emerge the winner this year.


The 24-year old housemate has been getting streams of attention from his popularity within and outside the house as a singer and for having a semblance of Rema a Nigerian artist. Although down to earth and sometimes reserved, Bryann enjoys meeting new people.

Viewers notice how he is always at his happiest when being creative, hoping that big brother would give him the platform to raise his music and improve his creativity. With all these vibes it’s possible he wins the BBNaija “level up” season.


Showing off some resilient attitude, he’s easily spotted by his weird looks and creates an atmosphere where everyone can grow collectively. he said;

“I’d like to show people just how much the love and creativity that is built in such

tight living circumstances can change the world and help people grow”

He displays some level of determination, uniqueness in his behaviour as a nonconformist housemate.



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