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Rita Dominic Debunks Welcoming A Twins, Mildred Okwo Says “It Is Fake News”

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In a news that went viral, Nollywood actress Rita Dominic was reported to have welcomed a set of twin girls. The actress immediately reacted via her Twitter page and called it fake news.

Even though the 47 year old actress who got married early this year has been reported pregnant several times. The good news travelled far and wide. However after she debunked it, her fans began to wonder how the fake news started.

A business partner and friend of Rita Dominic, popular Nollywood actress, Mildred Okwo, has debunked rumour making the round that her friend has given birth to twins girls

Okwo a Nigerian film director and producer asked Nigerians and fans of the actress to ignore the rumour.

According to Mildred Okwo, the photo of Rita Dominic with twins was taken from a movie set.

In a chat with news men, Okwo said, ” You see somebody on set today, and the next day they have twins; I do not understand. If Rita has had a child, would I not send a press release to you guys? Common, it does not make sense. Can you imagine? She took a picture while on a movie set. She posted a picture; she is on a movie set; maybe I should call her to find out if she has given birth.

Rita Dominic hasn’t given birth to twins, is a photo from movie set.

” It is bloggers that are peddling fake news. Kindly ignore them. If she has a child, their is no way that I would not make the announcement and I will definitely not talk to bloggers.”




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