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What Nkechi Blessing Sunday Did At Her Late Mother’s Memorial Was Disgusting & Disrespectful – Oge Nsimah

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Social media commentator and realtor Oge Nsimah has voiced her opinion after seeing the video of Nkechi Blessing Sunday sharing a box full of Dildos at her mother’s one-year memorial. Calling it a mockery, Oge Nsimah wrote.

‘Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday gifted single ladies who came for her mother’s one-year memorial service dildos as surveyors.

This is so disgusting, disrespectful, and a mockery of the late mother’s memory and her siblings!

Now y’all should know that Nkechi never valued nor respected her mother/ family. And as a man, you think she will value yours? You are a joke!!

If na when them dey wake the dead for person, her village elders for don go envoke all their ancestors against her for this singular disrespect.

Sensible people idolize their late parents/ loved ones by building charity homes or by presenting a gift that can help keep society sane, not sharing sex toys.

Let’s not even ask why she didn’t go to her home town to do her mother 1-year memorial..non+sense pikin…These are the non+sense some of you people will open mouths and say women are the same, as in how? 

See, If men can look beyond beauty and look at the heart instead when choosing a wife, Then there will be peace in the world,  until then! No peace

Everything she did and said was staged and managed for the gram to attract sympathyHer tears were pure crocodile tears.

See the video below of Nkechi Blessing giving reasons for sharing dildos at her mother’s one-year remembrance.


Oge Nsimah



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