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Korra Obidi Cries Out Bitterly After Ex-Husband’s Fans Called Police On Her

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Los Angeles-based Nigerian dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, has lamented bitterly on social media after the police visited her apartment to question her about the safety of her second daughter, Athena Dean.

The Mother of two took to her Facebook page to share the moment the female police officer visited her home and demanded to conduct some checks on the toddler’s body.

Korra said it was just one of many times the police has visited her home because of her children.

She stated that the police said that information reached them, that baby Athena fell from a chair, and that is why they visited.

The professional dancer said that she wanted to stay on her own and that what happened is harassment and torture perpetrated by Justin Dean, her ex-husband and he cannot keep sending POS and police because her children are not zoo animals.

Korra statements read; “I just want to live my life and be on my own. This is Morden day harassment. You can not keep sending POS and police to my home, it’s traumatic. My kids are not zoo animals “

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Korra Obidi Ex Husband Demanded Spousal Support

About a week ago, Korra Obidi disclosed that her ex-husband Justin Dean wants full custody of their daughter. When he was denied by the court, he demanded she pays him spousal support.

The entertainer and Dean have been in the public eye since he announced their split in March — a few weeks after they welcomed their second child together.

Dean had accused Obidi of infidelity, narcissism, and unaccountability.

Korra Obidi and estranged husband Justin Dean

The chiropractor had also said he is heartbroken and needs to walk away from their marriage to protect his mental health.

Korra, on the other hand, said trouble started when Dean began to complain about the amount of time she spends on social media. Interestingly, today, he is always on social media and showing off their children while earning money from Facebook.




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