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‘Stop Putting Your Life at Risk! Oge Nsimah Reacts To Nigerian Female Celebs Aspiring To Have a Big Behind

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Popular Facebook social media commentator and realtor Oge Nsimah has aired her opinion on the fast rising of Nigerian female celebrities crazy about body transformation.

Reacting, the Real Estate Agent wrote;

‘What is it that our female celebrities and internet sensations are so obsessed with going through the knife to have big bums?

See, check it out on your own.
85% of the World’s billionaires are married, and none of their wives has a big bum.

85% of the women that matter in this world does not have big bum
What is the obsession with plastic bum?

Y’all in this generation have made big bums so important that people are forgetting that they are ugly inside..!!

A real man falls in love with a woman’s mindset and intellect.

While a grown boy loves a woman’s body and how it freaks him out..know the difference and act wisely.

Your big bum and your V are not that powerful. it’s just for a temporary pleasure. Now this and have peace.

it’s the lowest form of low self-esteem and lack of revenge in life that makes women risk their lives to have a certain form and shape of beauty defined by society to satisfy someone’s fantasy.

Oh, I never said being naturally endowered with big bum is not good. If you want it, work it out naturally. Stop putting your precious life at risk!

Oge Nsimah


Oge Nsimah



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