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$49.8k Nollywood’s Njamah Engagement Ring, Fake; Claims She Was Forced To Announce Fake Engagement By A Fake Lover

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Social Media was agog with congratulatory messages on December 15, 2022, following news that Nollywood actress Empress Njamah had gotten engaged at 42. A video of the movie star displaying an engagement ring reportedly worth 49.8 thousand dollars flooded the internet space.

Fans couldn’t be happier after reading the caption, “Finally off the market.” This year alone, the Nigerian-Cameroonian actress regarded as one of the kindest celebrities in the country has been through so much. First, Empress watched her best friend and sister, Ada Ameh, pass away slowly from depression. In a viral video after Ada Ameh’s passing, Empress Njamah cried her eyes out while repeatedly saying she didn’t know how to continue life without her best friend. Now seeing news that the actress is engaged and set to walk the aisle, fans were over the moon that their favourite celebrity has finally found love, happiness and something to smile about this year. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Barely 24 hours after the video of her engagement went viral, the 42-year-old Nollywood star from Imo State did a live video on her business page where she called her supposed fiancee an unscrupulous element and scammer. Tearfully sharing her story, the actress said the Liberian man, Josh Wade, came into her life at her most vulnerable, just after losing Adah Ameh.

He pretended he loved her and wanted to marry her, only to begin terrorising her life. Empress said he would abuse her to the slightest provocation and even ex-communicated her from family and friends. When the fashion entrepreneur tried to end the relationship, Josh Wade took over her bank accounts, house, car, international passport and other valuables. He also blackmailed her with an explicit video of their intimate moment and forced her to make the video wearing the wedding ring to announce their fake engagement. It looks like this man isn’t done with terrorising the actress. Reacting after Empress shared her heartbreaking story, the supposed fiancee has threatened her again, saying he knows her day-to-day activities and she doesn’t know what’s coming.

Is Empress really being blackmailed by her estranged fiancee? How did the beautiful and elegant Empress Njamah get herself into this mess of a relationship? and How are her colleagues and Nigerians reacting to this sad news? #empressnjamah #EnpressNjamahengament #empressnjamahrelationships

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