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Actress Empress Njamah’s Supposed Fiancé, Josh Wade Has Broken Silence Following Allegations Leveled Against Him By Her

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Empress Njamah’s fiancé has broken his silence after the allegations levelled against him by the actress and admitted to hitting her.

Recall that the actress had taken to social media to cry out over being blackmailed by a supposed scammer who was in possession of her videos.

In an exclusive interview with Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Josh Wade admitted that he had slapped the actress and seized her passport because she owed him 450,000 dollars and would have jetted off to the US.

He disclosed that she and the actress got engaged on the 18th of August, and he had proposed to her with a ring worth $49,800.

Josh also admitted he’s in control of her Instagram account and was the one who posted her engagement video.

He claimed that after they had issues, she ran off to her brother’s place, alleging also that the actress and her brother have been scamming people and had thought their scam would work on him too.

Listen to the audio below;

Empress Njamah cries out, showing the face of Her blackmailer

Recall that Empress Njamah had told her the truth on what was actually going on in her life and social media pages.

The movie star, who had posted a video on her verified Instagram page that she got engaged, had claimed she made the post under duress as she was being blackmailed by a man who got into her life when she was vulnerable.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Empress Njamah showed off her engagement ring as she revealed that she is finally off the market.

She wrote, “Finally off the market”.

However, Uche Elendu raised the alarm that the actress wasn’t engaged, rather, her Instagram account was hacked.

And that she is currently being blackmailed with the account.

“Please disregard any post from @empressnjamah’s page. She is NOT engaged, and she did not put up that post on her page, a hacker took over her phones and is blackmailing her. Ignore every post please”, Uche Elendu wrote.

Following up Uche Elendu’s reports, Empress Njamah via her business page, narrated all she had been going through.

She also called on the Nigerian police to help in tracking her blackmailer, who she claimed had access to her private videos and also made away with her values worth millions of naira.

Empress Njamah speaks out on her engagement.

“I would like to bring to the notice of the general public that my account @empressnjamah has been hacked and is susceptible to scam; please refrain from contacting or dealing with this IG account as i have no access to it at this moment.

The previous posts about being engaged is FALSE! Kindly disregard, the post was made by the unscrupulous element from Liberia whose aim is to taint my image 😔 🥹

In the guise of being My fiancé

That video was made under Duress

The scammer gained access to the IG account as well as my phone, contacts,Email, Bank account and has my car,international passport and other valuables.

I’m being blackmailed, to pay $450,000 🤦🏼‍♀️

Claiming he loaned me the money.



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