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‘It’s a fraud to Vow to Monogamy & Switches to Polygamy Inbetween’ Oge Nsimah’s Hot Take On May & Yul Edochie’s Marriage

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As an opinion writer, Oge Nisima has aired her opinion on the latest drama between Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, his wife May and his second wife, Judy Austin.

The social commentator and realtor said;

‘After reading May Yul Edochie’s response to his husband’s public apology and how she is considering her children’s mental health on this issue, all I have to say is.

Thanks, Queen May, for being a trailblazer and lifting the bar of never settling for less. You are a high-value woman.

Your emotional intelligence and Maturity is topnotch.

Men, Nobody is against anyone practising polygamy. It’s a system of marriage, go on with it, but you must make it clear from the beginning.

It is a fraud to vow to monogamy and switch to polygamy in the middle…There are better ways to handle your mistakes.

It is a crime to sign a legal monogamist marital contract with a woman or man and then keep sleeping around or marry another woman or man. You can be sued.

if marry the person don tire you, get out of the marriage and be free to do as you want.

Marriage and relationships have rules, if you can’t abide by the rules, stay single and hoe in peace some of you don’t understand the traumatic effect of betraying on someone.

Yes, a mistake can happen, and there are moments of weakness but don’t bully us into normalizing your mistakes as a way of life.
I repeat, There is always a better way of doing things.

Queen May once again reaffirms her stand. You can not cajole her or number her.

This is the problem of some men; they think they are God gift to rescue women from peril.. No brothers, come clean or stay away.

Dear Queen May, may I remind you legally, since Judy is behaving like a toddler, dramatizing the whole thing, even when Yul is begging, trying to find a way to harmonize things, her interest is to prove to online inlaws that she is still her Excellence Judy Austin Edochi, not mind how Yul children will feel about it.

According to the law, if you wish, you can file for divorce on the ground of adultery and claim damages against Judy Austin for adultery. You will receive heavy compensation. Talk to your lawyer to explain your options.

Nobody will ask you for recipes with Star Dike in the picture.
like that of Anita Okoye, who has no evidence

I am sorry, sympathizers. As much as we love the cute innocent baby, but that little baby is the evidence of Yul and Judy’s adultery in the law court in this case, and its clear and difficult or almost impossible to challenge by any lawyer,

May should Just get his DNA and match it with her own children, to be sure and teach that yeye ra z zy br ait called Judy the lesson of her life.

Since she has been acting like a fool lately, she doesn’t even consider Yul grown-up Children in her online drama involving Yul.
She has clearly shown she is selfish and a ticking time bomb.

Anyways, Yul said she is the one mistake out of the 99 times he has done right… unfortunately, she is a deadly mistake. Yul thinks that he is acting in a Nollywood script.

Credit: Oge Nsimah (#TheUncomfortableTrut)



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