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5 Times Peggy Ovire & Frederick Leonard Displayed Sizzling PDA After Marriage

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Famous Nollywood star Frederick Leonard and his long-time girlfriend, Peggy Ovire, got engaged on 5th November 2022. Had their traditional marriage on 19th November 2022 in Warri, Delta state. This is coming after 7 years of secretly dating.

After the beautiful viral wedding, the couples have been displaying their love and affection for each other on social media ever since and we couldn’t help but notice.

These are a few of the times they have publicly shown each other love and affection, especially on their social media platforms.

1. The first time they displayed their love on social media since their wedding ceremony was on the 1st of December 2022, when Frederick Leonard posted a picture of him and Peggy Ovire on his Instagram page.
They were both wearing dark shades as they took pictures together. It is a selfie taken by Frederick Leonard.

He captions it as, “Me and my Gee”. Fans and lovers of the couples reacted positively to the pictures. Peggy Ovire herself sent a comment, as she says, “My Numero uno”.

  1. On 5th December 2022, Peggy Ovire posts a video of her and Frederick Leonard both wearing black outfits together with the captions, “Best Friends”.

Fans and celebrities reacted to the post as some said that the couples glow differently.

Frederick Leonard also reacted to the post as he comments, “A Lifetime With You Babe”

3. Two days before Christmas, On 23rd December 2022. Frederick Leonard also posts a picture of him with Peggy sitting in a restaurant-like environment. In the picture, Peggy Ovire is seen resting on his shoulders, with “All I want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey as choice of music.
Frederick Leonard expresses his love for her in word.

Fans were blushing and loving the posts from the couples with different lovely reactions.

4. On Christmas Day, 25th December 2022, Frederick Leonard and Peggy Ovire post a picture of both rocking Christmas pyjamas and sitting in front of a Christmas tree.
Frederick Leonard captions the post as, “From my beautiful wife and I, We Wish Y’all A Merry Christmas. LOVE, From The LEONARDS”.

Peggy Ovire on the other hand captions the post as, “The Family I Prayed For. Now I’m under the same tree with somebody’s son”.
The couple’s fans sent their Christmas wishes in the comment.

5. The Nollywood star who is now Frederick Leonard’s wife, posts a lovey-dovey video of both of them on Christmas night having some fun.
See Frederick Leonard putting on a red and white shirt and a red cap while Peggy Ovire is in a brown top and wrap skirt with a high slit.

As usual, their millions of fans reacted to the couple’s PADA post. While some confessed that love is sweet, Others talked about hating single life. See the comment below…

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