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Korra Obidi Cries Out For Being Stopped From Performing Her Songs Following Her Wild-Card Dressing Choice

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As an African female in the music industry, there are a million and one things that can limit, suppress, and sabotage their talent. Historically, this is often ignored, dismissed and sexualised. But in the case of Korra Obidi, it looks like her insane flair for soft nudity and scanty dressing is the only thing choking her music career and talent right now. And like any female artist who has worked hard enough to be proud of their music, the mother of two doesn’t seem too happy about the situation despite ignoring all the red flags. While visiting Nigeria for the 2022 Christmas festivities, the singer jetted out to Accra, Ghana, for a concert she was billed to perform.

Unfortunately, the recently divorced dancer was stopped from performing her songs. When she inquired further, Korra was told to assist a male singer as his backup dancer and shake her incredible and talented behind. What an insult, right? Well, that is precisely what the Delta princess expressed to her millions of fans in a Facebook Live video after the incident. The Los Angeles-based Belly dancer told fans she has never felt insulted this much in her entire music career.

As it turns out, this is not the first time Korra Obidi has been sidelined in the music space despite making music actively for seven years. In July 2022, in the middle of her bitter divorce, the single mother’s ex-husband, Justine Dean, revealed that she had been passed over for deals, collaborations, and even concert performances she was overqualified for because of her scanty dress sense. According to Dean, people only pay attention to Korra when dancing; after that, everyone thinks she’s a joke. Is Korra Obidi’s show of nudity the weapon fashioned against her music career? Does this mean the single mother-of-two may never get her flowers in the music industry? #KorraObidi #Korra #KorraObidimusic #KorraObidilifestyle #MrEazi

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