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An outbreak of Diphtheria Is Claiming lives in Lagos & Abuja

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A recent outbreak of disease has claimed the lives of over 20 people in Lagos and Abuja, one of Nigeria’s most thriving cities.

The country is still adjusting to the impact covid-19 had on its people in 2020, and three years later, reports of a new disease known as Diphtheria have grazed the shores of Nigeria.

What is Diphtheria? 

This is a type of bacterial infection caused by a species called Corynebacterium. Its main target site is the throat, nose, and in a few cases, the skin. 

Signs and symptoms to look out for 

Although it has similar manifestations as the common flu, such as cough, red eyes, difficulty in breathing, sore throat

It’s important to reach out to your primary healthcare provider once these symptoms exceed the normal duration. 

How does it spread?

Usually, diphtheria bacteria spread through respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing. It’s also possible to get sick from touching open sores or ulcers.

Official statements from the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirm the outbreak of the diphtheria disease in Abuja and Lagos

The NCDC plans to collaborate with the state ministries of health in rapid response to stop the spread of this illness. 

How you can play an important role ;

  • Maintain good hygiene 
  • Maintain a proper diet to boost immunity
  • Maintain social distancing and wear a nose mask if you feel sick
  • Contact your healthcare provider when you notice any abnormalities 

Is there a cause for alarm? 

The NCDC hasn’t called for a national state of panic, and with adequate partnerships with effective organizations, this disease and others will be stifled before it becomes a wildfire.

Written by: Anointing C Julius
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